Fundraising and Practical Support

Over the past 12 months, the Trust’s board of directors has carefully considered how the Trust can become more effective, efficient and relevant in the 21st century.  While it has achieved much success over the past 59 years, it has to adapt to new pressures and opportunities in King’s Lynn’s built environment.

The Trust’s two core activities will remain

  • The acquisition and restoration of buildings of architectural merit and historical significance in the town and their subsequent release into safe hands; and
  • The management of Thoresby College and other restored buildings retained by the Trust for posterity.

Moreover, the board will continue to maintain close links with the Borough Council to help secure the future of buildings with acknowledged merit or heritage interest as well as offer advice where appropriate on matters of planning and listed buildings.

This continuity will go hand in hand with a new approach to fund raising and practical support for what we do.  By developing its profile in new ways, the Trust will have a stronger base from which to launch fund raising appeals and other campaigns as necessary.

We are continuing to look for volunteers to help us.  Please do  contact us if you think you might be able to offer practical help in our work.