Priory Lane Cottages

Restored by the Trust in 1970-74, Priory Cottages is a terrace of small houses in the only remaining wing of the Benedictine monastery which preceded St Margaret’s Church. Six houses were created and sold on long leases. It received a Heritage Year conservation award.

What few medieval documentary references there are to the priory buildings are not easily related to the surviving L shaped range running along Priory Lane and Chapel Street. An inventory of the Priory made in 1454 mentions the chapel, a dormitory, hall, two parlours, a garden plot, kitchen, store room, guest house, brew house, mill, granary and stable. It is clear from the post-Reformation leases that some buildings, probably the stables and brew house, lay to the south of Priory Lane.

Work completed in 1974 included the opening of the gateway, now a major feature of the Priory Lane range.

Main image credit: Echoes of the Past