Pilot Street

Pilot Street or Dowshill Street as it was known until Lynn’s renaming of streets in 1809, lies to the northern edge of the medieval town. A narrow and much built-up street, it ran past the east front of St Nicholas Chapel down to the Dowshill, or Fisher Fleet which was the haven of the Lynn fishing fleet.

Clearance schemes and major road projects of the mid-20th century have all but obliterated Pilot Street and the adjoining North Street which were once the domain of the town’s closely knit fishing community. The 1841 Census shows that there were 87 houses in North Street, with a population of 412, whilst Pilot Street had 91 houses and 444 people.

The West Norfolk District Council invited the King’s Lynn Preservation Trust to undertake the restoration of six of the remaining properties. Work started in 1976 and finished in 1978. The houses restored were numbers 12, 14 (formerly 14 & 16), 24, 26 and 32. The total cost was £100,000 and on completion the restored properties were sold at public auction.