Hampton Court

Hampton Court is a quadrangular building dating back to the 14th century, located on Nelson Street.

The south wing is the earliest building and shows evidence of a hall-type merchant house comprising a main living room open to the roof with a parlour at one end and service rooms at the other and a counting houses beyond. Three medieval doors facing north opened onto a screens passage.

The west and east wings were built in the latter half of the fifteenth century. The west wing was a two-storeyed brick warehouse with open arcading onto the quay. The east wing was a jettied timber-framed range probably with shops and solars above.

Finally the North wing was added at the beginning of the 17th century and is thought to have contained a bakehouse and a brewhouse.

By the 1950s the property was deteriorating and was fortunate to have been bought by Mrs E A Lane who restored the street and warehouse wings into dwellings. In 1958 Mrs Lane offered the north and south wings to the King’s Lynn Preservation Trust who completed the restoration. Some years later Mrs Lane generously donated the east and west wing to the Trust and advocated a ‘revolving fund’ policy under which property was restored, sold (under protective covenants) and the capital reinvested in new restoration schemes.

Main image credit: Echoes of the Past