Past projects

90 London Road

This 19th century town house on one of King’s Lynn’s main thoroughfares fell into disrepair some years ago, but, because of its architectural merit, the Trust – with the Borough Council’s encouragement – acquired the derelict property in 2009. Painstaking conservation work began in 2010 and was finally completed at the end of 2014. Full details »

Clifton House and Tower (

clifton_house_1The residence of a rich merchant in the 18th century, with parts of the building dating from earlier periods. The structure includes a five-storey watch tower built towards the end of the 16th century, a 14th century vaulted undercroft and a medieval tiled floor discovered in the 1960s. Full details »

Greenland Fishery

greenland_fisheries_1This medieval building has been restored and undergone a subsequent internal conversion into modern offices, without compromising the historical and architectural internal and external fabric. Full details »

Hampton Court

hampton_court_3Hampton Court is a quadrangular building dating back to the 14th century, located on Nelson Street. The south wing shows evidence of a hall-type merchant house comprising a main living room open to the roof with a parlour at one end and service rooms at the other and a counting house beyond. Full details »

Priory Lane Cottages

priory_lane_4Restored by the Trust in 1970-74, Priory Cottages is a terrace of small houses in the only remaining wing of the Bendictine monastery which preceded St Margaret’s Church. Six houses were created and sold on long leases. It received a Heritage Year conservation award. Full details »

Thoresby College

thoresby_college_2Trinity College, Lynn was the creation of Thomas Thoresby, burgess, merchant and 3 times Mayor of the Borough, to provide accommodation and a collegiate life for 13 priests employed as chantry chaplains by the powerful Trinity Guild of Lynn. Full details »

28-32 King Street

28_kings_st_1The sites of 30-32 King Street are the earliest known sites of domestic occupation in King’s Lynn. The centuries have left a complex façade. Number 32 is a 3 storey early 19th century town house, whilst numbers 30 and 28 are high 2 storey timber framed buildings of the late 14th century. Full details »

23-25 King Street

23_kings_st_1This former merchant’s house dating from the late 17th century stands on the west side of King Street, on the corner of Ferry Lane. It is thought that an earlier building of similar plan stood on the same site, on land reclaimed from the River Great Ouse. Full details »

Pilot Street

pilot_street_1Pilot Street or Dowshill Street as it was known until Lynn’s renaming of streets in 1809, lies to the northern edge of the medieval town. A narrow and much built-up street, it ran past the east front of St Nicholas Chapel down to the Dowshill, or Fisher Fleet which was the haven of the Lynn fishing fleet. Full details »

5-6 Church Lane

5_church_lane_1Although of no great intrinsic value, these early 19th century buildings are extremely important elements in the street scene at the narrow entrance of the lane leading out of South Lynn Plain to All Saints Church. Full details »

26 St Nicholas Street

st_nicholas_street_1This building is not an architectural gem but it is an attractive 19th century house with a 2 storey workshop. It had become virtually derelict by 1986 and deserved saving from demolition. Full details »

77 London Road

The Trust acquired this pro77_london_road_1perty after it had become dilapidated and threatened with demolition. It was converted into six flats which were sold for little more than the loans needed to complete the work of restoration. Full details »